QSA Global – RadEye G Digital Survey Meter




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QSA Global – RadEye G Digital Survey Meter

Rugged 3 in 1 survey meter: Digital survey meter, dose rate alarm meter and electronic personal dose alarm (audible, visual and vibrating). IP65 certified, it measures only 2.4”L x 3.78”W x 1.25”H (61 x 96 x 31mm), 0.41lb (0.18kg). Delivered with a rubber sleeve and two AAA batteries, for up to 600 hours of operation.

  • Energy range: 45keV to 1.3 MeV (± 30%).
  • Measurement range: 50 µR/h to 10 R/h.
  • Available in R/h or Sv/h.
  • 425067450: RadEye G Digital Survey Meter (specify unit desired (Roentgen or Sieverts)).


  • 8975: RadEye G Nylon belt flip holster.
  • 42506706001: RadEye G desktop holder.
  • 4254029: Computer holder cable.
  • 425069951: Computer software for graph for data analysis.