Preventive Maintenance,

Calibration and Repairs

Most brands and models of equipment are calibrated, repaired, or maintained at our location or on site when possible.

At Quality NDE, our technicians are electronic specialists and are factory trained to better serve you. This allows us to quickly send you a written estimate for your approval prior to reparation. Often, our technicians are able to repair equipment that other deemed unrepairable.

Calibration of NDT equipment sent to our location is done in less than 3 working days (standard service).

RUSH (*) calibration service is available for most equipments. This 1 hour service allows you to wait while our specialists calibrate your device (Time limit is an approximation; some devices may require additional time. Time is for one device).

X-Ray Systems

Quality NDE offers preventive maintenance and repairs (anywhere in Canada) on various makes and models of x-ray systems. Most current systems: Comet (aka Yxlon, Philips, Andrex), Waygate (aka GE, Seifert, Isovolt), Gulmay, Balteau, Teledyne (ICM), Muller, Golden, Hamamatsu, Thermo and others.

We are also able to retrofit your x-ray tube with a permanent “Cross” laser pointer (out of the way – No flipping required).

Contact us to inquire about our other x-ray system services, such as; complete installation, CSA and/or RED Act certification, x-ray tube disposal and rental.

X-Ray Bunkers

Quality NDE provides multiple services for x-ray bunkers. Contact us to inquire about custom construction, shielding upgrade, modifications or compliance certification (Health Canada / USA / International).

LPI Lines

Our Magnaflux certified technicians can provide complete installation, modifications, repairs, CSA certification and tarp refacing. To inquire our custom line options, contact us to discuss you needs and applications.

Magnetic Equipment

Our certified technicians can provide complete installation, modifications, repairs, CSA certification, hood replacement and upgrade (tarp, frame, theater style upgrade). Contact us to discuss you needs and applications.

Radiation Detection Portals

Our engineers can help you select the right detection portal, train your team and help you deal with radioactive contaminants. We can provide turnkey complete installation (concrete foundation or screw pile, supports and bollards, electrical, external alarm, training, etc.).

Our certified technicians can provide repairs on all makes and models: RadComm, Exploranium, Thermo, Bicron, Ludlum, etc. Contact us to discuss your needs and applications.

Exposure Devices and Accessories

Our QSA Global certified employees provide repairs and maintenance for all exposure devices and accessories.

Quality NDE calibration laboratory; RadEye on our Cesium Cs-137 calibrator

RadEye Calibration.

RadEye – Calibration in 48 hours.

Installation of a permanent “Cross” laser pointer
(out of the way – No flipping required).

List of equipment served:

  • Alarms and beepers. *
  • Coating thickness gages. *
  • Conductivity meters (analog & digital). *
  • Conductivity blocks. *
  • Densitometers. *
  • Digital alarming dosimeters. *
  • Gammameter. *
  • Gauss Meters (analog & digital). *
  • Dryer ovens for LPI lines.
  • Eddy current equipment. *
  • Exploranium radiation detection portals
  • Field indicators (analog & digital). *
  • Film Processors (Agfa, Carestream, Kodak, Fuji & Colenta).
  • Flaw detectors – UT. *
  • Gammalarms. *
  • Liquid penetrant inspection systems.
  • Magnetic benches.
  • Power packs.
  • Probe machining (resurfacing). *
  • Quick break testers. *
  • RadComm, calibration with source.
  • Radiation detection portals (RadComm, Exploranium, Bicron, Ludlum, etc.).
  • Radiometers (UV light sensor). *
  • Photometers (White light sensor). *
  • Shunt meters and shunt bars (individually or as a kit). *
  • Survey meters. *
  • Thickness Gages (with A-Scan). *
  • Thickness Gages. *
  • Timers – programmable.
  • Timers (analog & digital). *
  • UT machines. *
  • UV sensors (analog & digital). *
  • X-ray units (all makes and models).
  • Yokes. *

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Ultrasonic flaw detector being calibrated.

X-ray tube repair / CSA certification.

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