ITI UV Rigid Scope


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ITI UV Rigid Scope

Portable digital UV rigid scope with built in LED UV and white light source.

Plugs into your laptop to display or save high resolution images and videos.

  • Insertion diameter: 28.6mm (1.12”).
  • Insertion length: 36cm (14.2”) to 2.4m (95”) with extensions.
  • Field of view (FOV): 100 degrees.
  • View direction: 90 degrees side view.
  • Focus range: 13mm to infinity (0.5” to infinity).
  • Illumination: 3” (7,6cm) diameter UV output above 1,000 μW/cm2 at 3” (7,6cm).
    • 162010: UV rigid scope kit (Viewing/lightning head, 86.4cm (34”)
      • extension, 117cm (46”)
      • extension, power/illumination control box with AC/DC power adapter,
      • USB cable, viewing and capture software,
      • manual and storage case.
    • 162010M: Measurement software.
    • 162010C: Centering collars (Specify inside diameter required).