Manual Tanks – LPI Line


Product Description

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Custom modular system can be designed to your specific testing needs. Fill out the form under the Download tab: Specs sheet.

Manual Tanks – LPI Line

Please print the quote request form here attached and fax or email back for your quote. Make sure to supply the following information:

  • Company name:
  • Contact name:
  • Part size and geometry (Include drawing or picture if possible)?
  • Part weight?
  • What quality level of penetrant will be used?
  • Type of application (Electrostatic, Spray, Dip)?
  • What process for inspection is required (Water wash, Lipophilic, Hydrophilic)?
  • What is the required processing rate (parts per hours)?
  • What is the allowable floor space available (provide expected equipment layout if possible)?
  • How is effluent being handled? Do you need Ozone system, coalescer, nanofiltration?
  • What is the budget for the project?
  • When do you need this system?