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X-RIS Maestro Software

The Maestro software by X-RIS is fully customizable to meet your X-ray inspection needs. Designed for NDT in mind, it uses the same interface from the image acquisition to the image processing/analysis. Combine any of the following software modules for what’s right for you:

Maestro Viewer

Maestro Viewer enables fast and easy interpretation of defects in digital X-ray images. This software offers real-time image enhancement filters for acuity, contrast, defect, denoise, edge, pseudo-3D, image comments and annotations and more. NDT tools compliant with ISO 17636-2, ASTM E2698, E2737, E2597, and ASME section V. This software also allows for automatic performance analysis as per PR5250, BSS-7044, AITM-7007, NADCAP check list, and more; and has reporting tools with the option to add comments and annotations.

Maestro Grabber

Maestro Grabber allows for complete control of the generator (Comet, Gulmay, Hamamatsu, GemX, etc.) and the detector. With touch interface dedicated to field use, this software also integrates the calibration wizard in compliance with ASTM norms.

Maestro System

Maestro System manages all hardware components of an automated X-ray system (moving and safety components (anti-collision, interlock, and safety devices and more)). Intuitive X-ray procedure programming and a user-friendly HMI for robot integration and control with smart “teaching”. These are dedicated and customizable HMIs for each system including live axes 3D animation.

Maestro RT

Maestro RT is a radioscopy module with an X-ray video recorder and player that automatically switches from video to static acquisition when the DDA panel stops moving. The perfect solution to retrofit an existing film system with the help of its GPU dynamic image enhancement filters, and snapshot capability during video acquisition.

Maestro CT

Maestro CTis the Computed Tomography module for 3D X-ray imaging with volume calibration and reconstruction (FDK/SART), advanced volume rendering. Beam hardening and artifacts correction, it saves in open file format and *.VGL import/export. It displays the X-ray slice directly into the 3D volume, and post-processing on slices.

Maestro ADR

Maestro ADR offers a fast and accurate automatic inspection and processing to indicate/evaluate potential defects based on advanced analytical algorithms or AI neural networks.

Maestro Tomosynthesis

Maestro Tomosynthesis is a module that aims at acquiring multiple images from a limited range of angles to create a multi-layer image. This is faster than a full CT-scan and, allows for localization and characterization of defects in the depth of the part.

Maestro Drive

Maestro Drive offers easy data sharing and archiving features on-premises or in the cloud. Allows for storing, sharing, and accessing of all files on any Maestro software wherever you are. Includes an advanced search engine and long-term archiving and cold storage options.