Western Instruments WP-Series AC and DC Coils

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Western Instruments WP-Series AC and DC Coils


Portable medium duty magnetizing/demagnetizing coil with AC and DC outputs. Available with numerous options: AC, DC, variable DC, variable and reversible DC, foot switch, removable foot switch, 120VAC-60Hz or 240VAC-60Hz.

See below charts for options of coils.

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AC Coils


Part no.SizeOutput turn AC
WP-88" (20.3cm)4 250Amp
WP-1010: (25.4cm)4 150Amp
WP-1212" (30.5cm)4 050Amp
WP-1414" (35.5cm)3 875Amp


AC/DC Coils

Part no.SizeOutput ACOutput DC
WP-8D8" (20.3cm)4 150Amp6 000Amp
WP-1D10" (25.4cm)4 150Amp6 000Amp
AP-12D12" (30.5cm)4 050Amp6 000Amp
AP-14D14" (35.5cm)3 875Amp6 0000Amp


AC/variable DC Coils

Part no.SizeAC outputDC output
WP-8DV8" (20.3cm)4 150 Amp0 - 6 000Amp
WP-10DV10" (25.4cm)4 150Amp0 - 6 000Amp
WP-12DV12" (30.5cm)4 050Amp0 - 6 000Amp
WP-14DV14" (35.5cm)3 875Amp0 - 6 000Amp


AC/variable reversing DC Coils

Part no.SizeAC OutputDC Output
WP-8DVR8" (20.3cm)4 150Amp0 - 6 000Amp
WP-10DVR10" (25.4cm)4 150Amp0 - 6 000Amp
WP-12DVR12" (30.5cm)4 050Amp0 - 6 000Amp
WP-14DVR14" (35.5cm)3 875Amp0 - 6 000Amp

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WP-8, WP-10, WP-12, WP-14, WP-8D, WP-10D, WP-12D, WP-14D, WP-8DV, WP-10DV, WP-12DV, WP-14DV, WP-8DVR, WP-10DVR, WP-12DVR, WP-14DVR