Spectro-UV Vintage 365 Handhelp UV-A Lamp

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Spectro-UV Vintage 365 Handhelp UV-A Lamp


The Spectro-UV Vintage 365 Lamp is an entry-level handheld UV-A LED lamp with a vintage, ergonomic design, and a wide beam profile. This unit is cost-effective with a fanless design and a classic pistol-grip for comfort.


With two long lasting 365 nm LEDS protected by lenses, this lamp gives a wide coverage and a reduced rate of solarization. 5,500 uW/cm2 at 15” (38cm), and a 6” (15.2cm) UV-A coverage at minimum of 1,200 uW/cm2 at 15” (38cm). Visible light measurement at <1 foot-candle. Meets ISO:3059 Standard.


Complete kit includes:  Vintage SPN-VIN 365 Handheld LED UV-A Inspection Lamp, AC power cord, and padded protective bag.


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