Sonatest AlphaGage+ Precision/Corrosion Thickness Gauge

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Sonatest AlphaGage+ Precision/Corrosion Thickness Gauge


This versatile thickness gauge is used to precisely measure the thickness of critical pieces of equipments and materials, as well as to perform integrity assessments of metal steel works affected by corrosion or erosion. It combines years of ultrasonic R&D into a rugged and ergonomimc hand held design to be used with either single or dual element transducers.


IP 67 rated, this device has echo-to-echo functionalities, a 27-hour battery life, a Data XLS interface program for easy exportation of readings to a PC, with a wide thickness range up to 20” in steel, 0.0001” or 0.01” mm 1 micron resolution, 30MH, and zoom auto tracking. Also has 32GB of storage.


Standard kit includes: Echo-to-Echo funstionalities, 2 GB micro SD card, AC power adapter, 3.7V L-ion internally rechargeable battery, CD with manual, Data XLS interface program, NIST calibration certificate, and plastic carrying case.



  • AlphaGage+ C: high performance handheld CORROSION thickness gauge.
  • AlphaGauge+ P: high performance handheld PRECISION thickness gauge.
  • AlphaGauge+ CP: High performance handheld CORROSION & PRECISION combines thickness gauge.
  • Data Logging (DL), Waveform (W) and Oxide Scale (OS) software options available on all models.

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AlphaGage+ C, AlphaGage+ P, AlphaGage+ CP