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Vizaar NK 60X PTZ Pole Camera

The SNK 60x Pan-Tilt-Zoom pole camera can Pan 347°, Tilt +60° to -180° and Zoom up to 60x. The high resolution CMOS camera can do macro images and focus from 10mm (0.39″) up to infinity to see the smallest defects at great distances. This portable system is powered by 120VAC or standard 36V Li-ion battery for up to 5-hours without external power. The black anodized aluminum head is waterproof to 50m (160′) depth and come with two separate adjustable LED lights (7 watt (25°) and (7 watts (100°) wide angle lighting for complete illumination of close range recording and pictures.). The head requires a minimum opening of 164mm (6.4″) in diameter.

  • SNK 60X – SNK 60X complete system. Includes PTZ camera, 60x optical zoom, black anodized aluminum housing with hard carrying case, MATRIX E3 image and documentation platform, 120VAC power pack.


  • 500162: Pole set kit. Includes swivel tripod (360° rotating base) for precise guidance of the push pole through manholes/portholes, SNK 60x adapter and three 2m (6.56′) carbon fiber poles.
  • POLE-1: Extra carbon fiber pole rods, 1m (3.28′) long. The soft bag can carry 10 rods.
  • POLE-2: Extra carbon fiber pole rods, 2m (6.56′) long. The soft bag can carry 10 rods.
  • CABL-30: Kevlar reinforced cable, 30m (98.4′)) with reel – standard.
  • CABL-50: Kevlar reinforced cable, 50m (164′) soft pack.
  • CABL-200: Kevlar reinforced cable, 200m (640′) with reel.

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No, 500162, POLE-1, POLE-2, CABL-30, CABL-50, CABL-200