Curtis Industries Shims for E1025 Penetrameter




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Curtis Industries Shims for E1025 Penetrameter

Used under ASTM E1025 or ASME SE1025 penetrameters to compensate for thickness. Shims are available in 1/16″ increments, from 1/16″ to 1″ (1.59 to 25.4mm) in thickness. Material and thickness are marked on each shim. All shims are 2″ long x 0.75″ wide (50.8mm x 19.1mm).

Standard materials available: Aluminum (6061), Brass, Copper, Cupro-Nickel, Inconel, Magnesium, Nickel, Stainless (304), Steel (1018), Titanium and Zirconium.

Special materials also available: Aluminium (2014, 2024, 2219 or 7075), Cobalt, Haynes 25, Hastelloy (B, C or X), Inconel (625 or 718), Monel, Phosphorus-bronze and Waspaloy.

Contact us to discuss the materials, options and/or receive a quote. See attached Data Sheet for the complete list.