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RV-Pro360 – Pole Camera

The RV-Pro360 is a wireless pole camera for minimum 125mm (4.9″) pipe to large underground cavities, Wi-Fi streaming to the supplied tablet, Apple and Android devices. The camera is waterproof to 1 m (3.2′) and equipped with 3300 lumens LED light and a narrow LED spotlight for far illumination. The wireless tablet is equipped with the CTSpec state of the art software for data management (video, 3D videos, images, PDF reports, etc.). The camera is powered by a Li-ion battery, for up to 4.5 hours of inspection.

  • RVPRO360: RV-Pro 360 complete system. Includes: camera, extendable fiberglass telescopic pole (up to 9m (29.5′)), viewing tablet, li-ion rechargeable battery, 110/240V charger, 12V car adapter, user manual and rigid waterproof transport case.


  • POLE-1.5: 1.5m (5′) fiberglass extension pole.

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No, POLE-1.5