NDT Systems TG110-DL Portable Thickness Gauge – RENTAL




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NDT Systems TG110-DL Portable Thickness Gauge – RENTAL

The TG-110DL is a rugged, simple and versatile ultrasonic thickness gauge which offers adjustable velocity for perfect measurements. The unit can be used for thickness measurements (up to 50,000 readings) and time encoded B-scan measurements in both metric and imperial units.

Rental kit includes:

Standard TG-506 transducer 5 Mhz x 12.7mm (0.5″), LMD1 Cable, 2 AA batteries, Couplant – 2 oz bottle, Leather slip-in instrument case (with belt loop), Calibration certificate, Operating Manual, Pelican

TG-506 transducer specifications

Dual element, 5 Mhz, 15.24mm (0.60″) tip diameter.

Thickness range: 1mm to 508mm (0.040 to 20.000″).

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  • QUR1010: TG-110-DL, rental per day.
  • QUR1011: TG-110-DL, rental per week.


* IMPORTANT : If the rented item is damaged, the repair or replacement costs are at the customer’s expense.

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QUR1010, QUR1011