Vehicle Monitoring, Radiation Detection System – RC-4138-2 – RENTAL



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Vehicle Monitoring, Radiation Detection System – RC-4138-2

Complete radioactive materials detection system for low gamma detection in moving vehicle loaded with dense material.

Rental kit includes:

  • Two radiation detectors RC-4138
    • RC-4138, watertight NEMA4 (IP65) measuring 86.36cm L x 208cm H x 20.32cm thick (34″L x 82″H x 8″thick).
    • Large premium PVT scintillators (69 L (4216 in3) in volume) with two PMT.
    • Detection capability/sensitivity: 1.1 microCurie Cs137 (unshielded point source) at 1m (65.6′).
    • Energy range: 20 KeV to 3.0 MeV.
  • Optical sensor sets
    • High powered infrared transmitters/receivers inside protective covers
  • One RADLinK Embedded Controller/Monitor RC4000
    • Touch screen LCD display, USB keyboard and mouse.
    • Window Embedded OS – English
    • Ethernet connectivity for online customer support, remote calibration, monitoring and servicing (an internet connection must be provided by the customer)
    • Software with detailed alarm information (contaminant positioning to within a few inches); data storage (alarms and clean); multi-level security password control and multiple languages.
    • Email ready for sending alarms and errors.


  • System Interconnection Cabling (up to 150m (490′))
  • Installation and training.
  • Detector supports (single or double legs) – (Double legs shown, NOT included with the RC-4138-2’s rental).
  • Protective bollards.
  • Wireless package.
  • External alarms (light and/or buzzer).
  • Supervisory software for remote monitoring (one or multiple portals).

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  • QUR4138: Radiation detection system RC4138-2, rental per month. Minimum 2 months.


* IMPORTANT : If the rented item is damaged, the repair or replacement costs are at the customer’s expense.