REED R9030 Pen-Style Hardness Tester



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REED R9030 Pen-Style Hardness Tester  

The R9030 is a portable dynamic rebound pen-style hardness tester that automatically records up to 350 results. Readings are available in measurements of 7 hardness scales such as HL (LEEB), HV (Vickers) , HB (Brinell), HRB, HRC, HRA (Rockwell) and HS (Shore).


Standard kit includes: REED R9030 pen-style hardness tester, reference hardness block, support ring, tube cleaning brush, rechargeable battery, 120VAC power supply with USB cable, user manual and rigid plastic transport case.

  • R9030: REED R9030 LEEB Hardness tester complete kit.
  • R9030-C: REED R9030 LEEB Hardness tester complete kit with calibration certificate.