REED R7700 Gloss Meter

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REED R7700 Gloss Meter

The R7700 is a portable gloss meter that automatically measures up to 200 gloss units from 3 different angles (20°, 60°, and 85°). Meets ASTM D523, ASTM D1455, ASTM C568, and ASTM D2547 standards. It also features a backlit LCD and internal memory capable of storing the last 254 measurements. The R7700 gloss meter can be used in various applications including; automobile paint inspection, stone & tile manufacturing and paint and ink quality assurance processes.


Standard kit includes: R7700 gloss meter, reference standard, rechargeable battery, 120VAC power supply with USB cable, user manual, and rigid transport case.

  • R7700: REED R7700 Gloss meter complete kit.
  • R7700-C: REED R7700 Gloss meter complete kit with calibration certificate.