X-RIS Dxbox RT/CT Radiography System – Micro Focus

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X-RIS Dxbox RT/CT Radiography System – Micro Focus

For real time radiography and computed tomography; 2D and 3D inspections with high-speed automated X-rays. This user-friendly system is designed for RT and CT inspection.

X-RIS Dxbox RT is a standard 5 axis system up to 200kV. The Maestro CT module reconstruct volume, allows 3D visualization, slice display, on slice post-processing and controls the generator, the DDA panel, manipulator (5-axis) and door.


X-ray system:

  • µGXC-150: micro-focus X-ray system (10W @ 7µm, 30W @30µm, 75W @ 50µm (IEC 336)), 40 to 150kV, 0.01 to 0.5mA.
  • µGXC-200: micro-focus X-ray system (150W @ 200µm, 500W @800µm (IEC 336)), 80 to 200kV, 0.2 to 6.0mA.

DDA panel:

  • Dereo RT 1515: active area of 15x15cm, up to 450kV, 34fps, 119µm.
  • Dereo RT 2323: active area of 23x23cm, up to 450kV, 30fps, 179µm.
  • Dereo RT 2532: active area of 25x32cm, up to 450kV, 22fps, 124µm.
  • Dereo RT 3030: active area of 30x30cm, up to 450kV, 14fps, 145µm.
  • Dereo RT 4343: active area of 43x43cm, up to 450kV, 6fps, 139µm.

Contact us to discuss your application, requirements, available options and/or receive a quote. X-RIS also offers modified Dxbox RT/CT versions on demand.

Additional Information

X-Ray system

µGXC-150, µGXC-200

DDA Panel

Dereo RT 1515, Dereo RT 2323, Dereo RT 2532, Dereo RT 3030, Dereo RT 4343