X-RIS Dxbox-C5 Radiography System

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X-RIS Dxbox-C5 Radiography System

This high efficiency fully automated DR system is specifically designed for casting inspection where high volume routine inspection is required. The DxBox-C5 is a multi-axis fully automated digital radiography system featuring a radio-transparent turntable with 70cm diameter which can support up to 50kg parts. This cabinet allows complex parts inspection in any direction, even through the turntable. Furthermore, not having to turn manually the part or use fixtures to hold it allows to save a significant amount of time.

The Maestro software allows fully automated inspection based on part number, or the creation of automated inspection subroutine by the software based on selected images.

The complete system meets North American and International regulations (USA CFR-21, Health Canada RED Act and CODE 34; and international IEC 61010-2-091 international regulations).


X-ray system:

  • µGXC-150: X-ray system (10W @7µm, 30W @30µm, 75W @50µm (IEC 336)), 40 to 150kV, 0.01 to 0.5mA.
  • GXC-225: X-ray system, 225kV generator set; 700W @0.4mm, 1500W @1.0mm focal spot according to EN-12543-2.
  • GXC-320: X-ray system, 320kV generator set; 800W @0.4mm, 1800W @1.0mm focal spot according to EN-12543-2.
  • GXC-450: X-ray system, 450kV generator set; 700W @0.4mm, 1200W @1.2mm focal spot according to EN-12543-2.

DDA panel:

  • Dereo RAD 2532: active area of 25x32cm, 124µm pixel pitch, 16bit.
  • Dereo RAD 3030: active area of 30x30cm, 145µm pixel pitch, 16bit.
  • Dereo RAD 4040: active area of 40x40cm, 200µm pixel pitch, 14 or 16bit.
  • Dereo RAD 4343: active area of 43x43cm, 139µm pixels pitch, 16bit.

Contact us to discuss your application, requirements, available options and/or receive a quote. X-RIS also offers modified versions of Dxbox-C5 on demand.

Additional Information

X-Ray System

µGXC-150, GXC-225, GXC-320, µGXC-150, GXC-450

DDA Panel

Dereo RAD 2532, Dereo RAD 3030, Dereo RAD 4040, Dereo RAD 4343