QNDE X-Ray Bunker Upgrades


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QNDE X-Ray Bunker Upgrades

Quality NDE can perform turnkey upgrades of your existing industrial X-ray room.

  • Adding lead shielding minimizes the loss of precious X-ray space when upgrading to a more powerful X-ray system.
  • Adding shielding to an existing door towards meeting new requirements.
    • Door, added lead shielding.
    • Door, floor trench.
    • Door stopper.
  • Adding a baffle for high-voltage cable, sprinkler, electrical conduits or other.
  • Adding/replacing health and safety components:
    • Door safety switch with dual low voltage contacts (level 4 security).
    • External LED Illuminated red warning sign “X-RAY ON”, single faced.
    • External LED Illuminated yellow warning sign “IMMINENT X-RAY”, single face.
    • Internal LED warning tower light (Red, Yellow, Green) with buzzer and Emergency-stop).
  • Radiation Leakage Survey Certification.
  • Health & Safety CODE 34 certification.


X-ray room can be upgraded to your specific needs. Drawings and/or specifications will be supplied for your approval prior to manufacturing.