Sonatest PRISMA UT/PA, Flaw and Phase Array Detector




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Sonatest PRISMA UT/PA, Flaw and Phase Array Detector

The PRISMA offers the end user a cost-effective way to step up to Phased Array inspection. The PRISMA is fully loaded, carrying all the basic and advanced features of Sonatest flaw detectors. It offers damping control to either optimize near-surface resolution or energy transmission. The ability to capture screens is standard combined with automatic reporting capability, enabling reports to be formatted with user information such as logos, etc.

Standard kit includes:

PRISMA with dual UT channels with A-scan recording, 2 Axis encoding, interface triggering (IFT), Phase Array 16:16 manual and TOFD; A, B and C-scan displays, DAC, AWS, DGS/AVG, TGC, Backwal Echo Attenuation, AWS, API, Corrosion B/Scan, 8GB USB stick, Lithium-ion battery, power supply and cord, display window protector; shoulder strap, UTstudio software; user manual, certificate of conformance, calibration certificate and rigid transport case.

Software Options:

16:64 PA, 2 axis encoding and recording for PA, Encoder Y-splitter, Software CSV export, Wifi, Xpair Cloud remote access.


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  • PRISMA-UT/PA: Sonatest PRISMA UT flaw and Phase Array detector – complete system.
  • PRISMA-UT: Sonatest PRISMA UT flaw detector – complete system.



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