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Flawtech Practical Exam Flaw Specimens

The Practical Exam Specimens from Flawtech are designed to enhance the training and qualifications of Level I and Level II NDT technicians and personnel with regards to ISO9712, EN473, PCN & TC-1A certifications and standards. They are larger than our “standard” kit specimens, with 12 UT and 12 MT/PT specimens to choose from in order to assist with basic flaw detection, sizing, and interpretation, using common weld geometries and flaw types.

For more specimens and/or kits, see our catalog or follow the links below:

  • MK-1: Flawtech LPI/MPI Flawed Specimen kit.
  • MMK-1: Flawtech Multi-Method Flawed Specimen kit.
  • RK-1: Flawtech Radiography Flawed Specimen kit.
  • UK-1: Flawtech Ultrasound Flawed Specimen kit.
  • VK-1: Flawtech Visual Flawed Specimen kit.

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