PCWI Wet Sponge Holiday Detector

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PCWI Wet Sponge Holiday Detector

The DC low voltage porosity/holiday detector is used for detecting discontinuity (porosity, pinholes, bubbles/improper adhesion, cracks) in thin dielectric coatings (up to 500 microns in thickness) on conductive substrate including concrete. Audible and visual alarms will alert when a fault is found. 1 year warranty, 3 months on probes and leads.

IMPORTANT: We highly recommend that coatings over 150 microns or coating in corrosive environments be inspected with a high-voltage porosity tester.

Standard kit includes:

  • DC porosity detector with 9V battery, telescopic probe handle with 230mm x 40mm sponge and 78” (2m) cord, 23ft (7m) ground cable with clamp, belt pocket with clip, user manual, calibration certificate, rigid transport case.


  • PCWI-WET: Complete WET sponge low voltage porosity detector kit.

* Upon ordering, please specify the wet sponge width required.