Olympus Replaceable Delay Line Transducers

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Olympus Replaceable Delay Line Transducers

The single element Olympus delay line transducers are heavily damped to provide excellent near-surface resolution. Their higher frequency is also ideal for measuring very thin materials or locating small flaws using the direct contact method. Many styles are available, and they are commonly used for precision thickness gaging, straight beam flaw detection, and inspecting parts with limited contact areas.


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Delay Line Transducers

Nominal Element Size2.25MHz5 MHz10MHz15MHz20MHz
0.125" (3mm)--V203-RM-V208-RM
0.25" (6mm)V204-RMV201-RMV202-RMV205-RM-
0.5" (13mm)-V206-RM---


Replaceable Delay Line Tip

Nominal Element SizeStandardHigh Temperature (Max 350°F | 175°C)High Temperature (Max 500°F | 260°C)High Temperature (Max 900°F | 480°C)Dry CoupledSpare Retaining Ring
0.125" (3mm)DLH-3DLHT-301DLHT-3DLHT-3GDLS-3DRR-3
0.25" (6mm)DLH-1DLHT-101DLHT-1DLHT-1GDLS-1DRR-1
0.5" (13mm)DLH-2DLHT-201DLHT-2DLHT-2GDLS-2DRR-2

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V203-RM, V208-RM, V204-RM, V201-RM, V202-RM, V205-RM, V206-RM

Replaceable Delay Line Tip

DLH-3, DLHT-301, DLHT-3, DLHT-3G, DLS-3, DRR-3, DLH-1, DLHT-101, DLHT-1, DLHT-1G, DLS-1, DRR-1, DLH-2, DLHT-201, DLHT-2, DLHT-2G, DLS-2, DRR-2