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Olympus Protected Face Transducers

These versatile single element, longitudinal wave, contact transducers can be used with a delay line, protective membrane, or protective wear cap. When the transducer is used alone, the epoxy wear face provides good acoustic impedance matching to plastics, many composites, and other low-impedance materials. These transducers are used for straight beam flaw detection, thickness gaging, high-temperature inspections, and inspecting plates, billets, bars, and forgings.


Standard Protected Face Transducers

Nominal Element Size0.5 MHz1 MHz2.25 MHz3.5 MHz5 MHz10 MHz
0.5" (13mm)-A603S-RBA606S-RBA682S-RBA609S-RBA611S-RB
0.75" (19mm)--A605S-RBA681S-RBA608S-RB-
1" (25mm)A601S-RBA602S-RBA604S-RBA680S-RBA607S-RB-
1.5" (39mm)A689S-RB-----


Protective Membranes and Caps

Size12 Pack MembraneMembrane Retaining RingWear Cap
0.5" (13mm)PM-5-12MRN-5NWC-5
0.75" (19mm)PM-4-12MRN-4NWC-4
1" (25mm)PM-3-12MRN-3NWC-3
1.125" (29mm)PM-2-12MRN-2NWC-2
1.5" (39mm)PM-1-12MRN-1NWC-1

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A603S-RB, A606S-RB, A682S-RB, A609S-RB, A611S-RB, A605S-RB, A681S-RB, A608S-RB, A601S-RB, A602S-RB, A604S-RB, A680S-RB, A607S-RB, A689S-RB


PM-1-12, PM-2-12, PM-3-12, PM-4-12, PM-5-12, MRN-1, MRN-2, MRN-3, MRN-4, MRN-5, NWC-1, NWC-2, NWC-3, NWC-4, NWC-5