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Olympus, Immersion Transducers

An immersion transducer is a single element, longitudinal wave transducer with a quarter wavelength layer acoustically matched to water. They transmit ultrasound in applications where the test parts are partially or wholly immersed in water, enabling uniform, fast coupling to quickly scan parts. Add a focusing lens to increase the transducer’s sensitivity and performance in a particular area of a part.

The transducers are available in standard, large diameter, small diameter, and pencil styles. All are made with a corrosion-resistant 303 stainless steel case with chrome-plated brass connectors and RF shielding that improves the signal-to-noise ratio. They are used for automated scanning, in-line thickness gaging, and high-speed pipe, bar, tube, and plate inspection.


Standard Immersion Transducers shown below:

Nominal Element Size1MHz2.25MHz3.5MHz5MHz10MHz
0.25" (6mm)-I3-0204-S-SU-I3-0504-S-SUI3-1004-S-SU
0.5" (13mm)I3-0108-S-SUI3-0208-S-SUI3-0308-S-SUI3-0508-S-SUI3-1008-S-SU


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I3-0204-S-SU, I3-0504-S-SU, I3-1004-S-SU, I3-0108-S-SU, I3-0208-S-SU, I3-0308-S-SU, I3-0508-S-SU, I3-1008-S-SU