Olympus EPOCH 650 Flaw Detector

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Olympus EPOCH 650 Flaw Detector

The EPOCH 650 is an ultrasonic flaw detector with excellent inspection performance and usability for a wide variety of applications. This intuitive, rugged instrument is a continuation of the popular EPOCH 600 with additional capabilities.

The standard kit includes:

  • IP66 shock and vibration MIL certified,
  • Explosive atmosphere safe (see attached for more details),
  • Anti-glare monitor protector; Gate 1 and 2, Echo-to-Echo, dynamic DAC/TCG, DGS/AVS, AWS D1.1 and D1.5,
  • ERS,
  • Video output for training and much more;
  • Li-ion battery;
  • 100-264VAC charger;
  • USB cable; user manual; c
  • Certificate of conformance and calibration certificate,
  • Flexible carrying case with shoulder strap.


Software options:

  • Interface gate,
  • Corrosion B/Scan,
  • Template Storage,
  • Backwall Echo Attenuation,
  • API 5UE flaw sizing,
  • Waveform averaging,
  • Data management,
  • On-board reporting.

Click the datasheet and video for more information.

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