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Olympus Dual Element Transducers

A dual element transducer has two crystal elements housed in the same case, separated by an acoustic barrier. One element transmits longitudinal waves while the other acts as a receiver. The elements are angled, creating a V-shaped sound path  which enhances the resolution in the focal zone. These transducers offer improved near-surface resolution, good coupling to rough and curve surfaces, and reduced backscattering noise in coarse-grained or scattering materials. They are used in many applications such as measuring remaining wall thickness, corrosion/erosion monitoring, weld overlay inspection, and cladding bond/disbond inspection.


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Dual Corrosion Transducers and Wedges, DC Series, Right Angle Connector

Nominal Element SizeLEMO 00 - 7.5MHzBNC - 7.5MHzMicrodot - 5MHzWedge
DC1 Standard 0.375" (9.52mm)7.5DS-0.375-OLW-DC1-P-1-RPL7.5DS-0.375-OLW-DC1-P-1-RP--
DC2 Thick-Walled 0.375" (9.52mm)7.5DS-0.375-OLW-DC2-P-1-RPL7.5DS-0.375-OLW-DC2-P-1-RP--
DC3 0.2" x 0.3"--5DS-5.08X7.62-DC3-RM-
DC4 0.5" x 0.5"--4DS-12.7X12.7-0LW-DC4-RM-RWSDL4-OL kit
DC5 0.5" x 1.0"--4DS-12.7X25.4-0LW-DC5-RM-RWSDL5-OL kit

Resolution between 0.030″ to 2.000″ (0.76.. to 50.8mm) in steel.



Palpeurs doubles de type “fingertip” et doubles avec pointe miniature

Nominal Element Size3.5 MHz5.0 MHz
0.15" (3.8mm)-MTD705
0.25 (6mm)D784-RP-
0.375" (9.52mm)D783-RP-

Additional Information

Dual Transducer

7.5DS-0.375-OLW-DC1-P-1-RPL, 7.5DS-0.375-OLW-D21-P-1-RPL, 7.5DS-0.375-OLW-DC1-P-1-RP, 7.5DS-0.375-OLW-DC2-P-1-RP, 5DS-5.08X7.62-DC3-RM, 5DS-5.08X7.62-DC4-RM, 5DS-5.08X7.62-DC5-RM, SDL4-OL kit, SDL5-OL kit, D784-RP, D783-RP, MTD705