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Single element, longitudinal wave transducers for direct contact with the part or component being inspected. They are available in multiple styles, including standard, fingertip for difficult-to-access areas, and magnetic hold down for stationary positioning on ferrous materials. All are durable for use in industrial environments and have an acoustic impedance that matches most metals. They are used in many applications such as straight beam flaw detection and thickness gaging, detecting and sizing delamination, and inspecting plates, billets, bars, and other metallic and nonmetallic components.

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Contact Transducers – Standard Accuscan-S

Nominal Element Size0.5MHz1MHz2.25MHz3.5Mhz5MHz10MHz
0.5" (3mm)-A103S-RBA106S-RBA182S-RBA109S-RBA111S-RB
0.75" (19mm)A114S-RBA105S-RBA181S-RBA108S-RB--
1" (25mm)A101S-RBA102S-RBA104S-RB-A107S-RB-
1.25" (32mm)A191S-RBA194S-RB----
1.5" (39mm)A189S-RBA192S-RBA195S-RB---

Fingertip contact and magnetic hold down contact also available.

Contact Transducers – Fingertip Accuscan-S

Nominal Element Size1 MHz2.25 MHz5 MHz7.5 MHz10 MHz15 MHz
0.25" (6mm)-A133S-RMA110S-RMA121S-RMA112S-RMA113S-RM
0.375" (10mm)-A125S-RMA126S-RMA122S-RMA127S-RM-
0.5" (13mm)A103S-RMA106S-RMA109S-RMA120S-RMA111S-RM-
0.75" (19mm)A114S-RMA105S-RMA103S-RMA103S-RMA103S-RMA103S-RM
1" (25mm)A102S-RMA104S-RMA103S-RMA103S-RMA103S-RMA103S-RM

Additional Information

Contact Transducer

A103S-RB, A106S-RB, A182S-RB, A109S-RB, A111S-RB, A114S-RB, A105S-RB, A181S-RB, A108S-RB, A101S-RB, A102S-RB, A104S-RB, A107S-RB, A191S-RB, A194S-RB, A189S-RB, A192S-RB, A195S-RB

Fingertip Transducer

A133S-RM, A110S-RM, A121S-RM, A112S-RM, A113S-RM, A125S-RM, A126S-RM, A122S-RM, A127S-RM, A103S-RM, A106S-RM, A109S-RM, A120S-RM, A111S-RM, A114S-RM, A105S-RM, A103S-RM, A103S-RM, A103S-RM, A103S-RM, A102S-RM, A104S-RM, A103S-RM, A103S-RM, A103S-RM, A103S-RM