Olympus Angle Beam Transducers and Wedges

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Olympus Angle Beam Transducers and Wedges


Angle beam transducers for weld inspection. They are single element transducers and are used with a wedge to introduce a refracted shear wave or longitudinal wave into a test piece and for time-of-flight diffraction. We offer different wedge styles depending on your needs.


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Screw-In Transducers – Nominal Element Size and Frequency (MHz) – Accuscan-S listed below

Screw-In Transducers - Nominal Element size & Frequency (MHz) - Accuscan-S listed below

Nominal Element Size1 MHz1.5 MHz2.25 MHz3.5 MHz5 MHz10 MHz
0.25" (6mm)--A542S-SMA546S-SMA543S-SMA544S-SM
0.5" (13mm)A539S-SM-A540S-SMA545S-SMA541S-SMA547S-SM
0.375" (10mm)-A548S-SMA549S-SMA550S-SMA551S-SMA552S-SM


Wedges – Miniature short approach screw-in – Standard and Very High Temperatures

Wedges - Miniature short approach screw-in

Nominal Element SizeStandard 45°Standard 60°Standard 70°Surface Wave 90°High Temp 30°High Temp 45°High Temp 60°High Temp 70°
0.25" (6mm)ABSA-4T-45ABSA-4T-60ABSA-4T-70ABWML-4T-90ABWHT-4T-30ABWHT-4T-45ABWHT-4T-60ABWHT-4T-70
0.5" (13mm)ABSA-5T-45ABSA-5T-60ABSA-5T-70ABWML-5T-90ABWHT-5T-30ABWHT-5T-45ABWHT-5T-60ABWHT-5T-70
0.375" (10mm)ABSA-7T-45ABSA-7T-60ABSA-7T-70ABWML-7T-90ABWHT-7T-30ABWHT-7T-45ABWHT-7T-60ABWHT-7T-70

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A539S-SM, A540S-SM, A541S-SM, A542S-SM, A543S-SM, A544S-SM, A545S-SM, A546S-SM, A547S-SM, A548S-SM, A549S-SM, A550S-SM, A551S-SM, A552S-SM, No transducer


ABSA-4T-45, ABSA-4T-60, ABSA-4T-70, ABSA7T-15, ABSA-7T-60, ABSA-7T-70, ABSA-5T-45, ABSA-5T-60, ABSA-5T-70, ABWML-4T-90, ABWML-7T-90, ABWML-5T-90, ABWHT-4T-45, ABWHT-4T-60, ABWHT-4T-70, ABWHT-7T-30, ABWHT-7T-45, ABWHT-7T-60, ABWHT-7T-70, ABWHT-5T-30, ABWHT-5T-45, ABWHT-5T-60, ABWHT-70, No wedge