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Mobile Gantry/Specimen Table

Quality NDE’s mobile gantry/Specimen table is perfect for those moving into Digital Radiography (DR) or Computed Radiography (CR), allowing easy magnification. The gantry can be fitted with any X-ray tubehead (Comet, Gulmay, GE, Balteau, Lorad and others).

The tube manipulator and specimen table are easily bolted together, so the system can be installed in any existing X-ray room having a minimum door opening of 30″.

  • Hand winch – Source to Image Distance (SID): 10″ to 98″ (25cm to 248cm).
    • Tube head yoke for Comet tube (rotation: 360°).
    • Yoke tilt: -60° to +90°.
    • Lifting capacity 400lb (180kg).
  • Specimen table, 24″ x 24″.
    • Object to Image Distance (OID): 0″ to 80″ (0cm to 203cm).
    • Capacity 100lb (90kg).
  • Overall dimensions (assembled): 39″L x 35″D x 90″H.
  • Casters wheels; two fixed and two swivels (with brake).

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  • 30509C: Quality NDE Mobile Gantry/Specimen table (with Comet X-ray tube yoke).
  • 30509H: Quality NDE Mobile Gantry/Specimen table (with Hamamatsu X-ray tube yoke – rotation and tilt are slightly different).

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30509C, 30505H