Magnaflux ZA-1633, Stand-Alone Compact Penetrant Line

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Magnaflux ZA-1633, Stand-Alone Compact Penetrant Line

Magnaflux ZA-1663, stand-alone compact line designed for batch and low volume inspection of small to medium size parts. 304 stainless tanks, delivered with EV6000 LED UV lamp.

  • 621791: ZA-1633, method A, water wash penetrant line – 6 stations.
  • 522092: ZA-1633, method B, PE lipophilic penetrant line – 8 stations.
  • 522109: ZA-1633, method D, PE hydrophilic penetrant line – 9 stations.
  • 522072: ZA-1633, swirl cloud developer upgrade kit.
  • 522084: ZA-1633, dynamic cloud developer upgrade kit.
  • 608363: Standalone inspection booth with black light, white light and ventilation fan.
  • 609178P: ZA-1633, lid for penetrant tank.
  • QNDE-WW6: Quality NDE compact Method A, 6 Stations: Penetrant, Dwell, Rinse, Dryer, Developer, Inspection.
  • QNDE-PE8: Quality NDE standard Method B, 8 Stations: Penetrant, Dwell, lipophilic Emulsifier, Rinse, Drain, Dryer, Developer, Inspection.

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621791 – method A, water washable, QNDE-WW6 – method A, water washable, 522092 – method B, lipophilic PE, QNDE-PE8 – method B, lipophilic PE, 522109 – method D, hydrophilic PE


522072 – swirl cloud, 522084 – dynamic cloud

Inspection booth

Without booth, 608363


Without lid, 609178P