Magnaflux ZA-1633 Stand-Alone Compact Penetrant Line

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Magnaflux ZA-1633 Stand-Alone Compact Penetrant Line

The Magnaflux ZA-1663 stand-alone compact liquid penetrant inspection line is designed for small batched and low volume inspection of small to medium sized parts. Made of 304 stainless tanks, and delivered with EV6000 LED UV lamp.

  • 621791: ZA-1633, method A, water wash penetrant line – 6 stations.
  • 522092: ZA-1633, method B, PE lipophilic penetrant line – 8 stations.
  • 522109: ZA-1633, method D, PE hydrophilic penetrant line – 9 stations.
  • 522072: ZA-1633, swirl cloud developer upgrade kit.
  • 522084: ZA-1633, dynamic cloud developer upgrade kit.
  • 608363: Standalone inspection booth with black light, white light and ventilation fan.
  • 609178P: ZA-1633, lid for penetrant tank.
  • QNDE WWC-6: Quality NDE Water Washable 6-Station Liquid Penetrant Inspection Line.
  • QNDE PE-8: Quality NDE Post-Emulsifiable 8-Station Liquid Penetrant Inspection Line.

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621791 – method A, water washable, QNDE-WW6 – method A, water washable, 522092 – method B, lipophilic PE, QNDE-PE8 – method B, lipophilic PE, 522109 – method D, hydrophilic PE


522072 – swirl cloud, 522084 – dynamic cloud

Inspection booth

Without booth, 608363


Without lid, 609178P