Spectro-UV Eagle Eye 2 EK-3000 LED UV-A and White Light Headlamp



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Spectro-UV EK-3000 Eagle Eye 2

The EagleEye 2 EK-3000 LED UVA and white light headlamp from Spectro-UV is an inspection lamp revamped from the old EagleEye 1 model. This lamp can be used without the head straps and be mounted on a spray can for single-handed use. This makes it ideal for NDT yoke inspection with fluorescent magnetic particles or penetrant testing.

This lightweight 8oz (226g) inspection lamp has a toggle switch to conveniently switch between UV and white light with a continuous run time of 75 minutes. Nominal steady-state UV-A intensity of 4500µW/cm2 with a UV-A coverage area of 5” (12.7cm) with less than 2 foot-candles (21.5 lux) of visible light. Complies with ASTM E3022 and ISO 3059.

Complete kit includes: EagleEye EE-365 UVA and white inspection lamp with head straps, lamp/mount can sprayer, two splash guards with integral particulate filters, two Li-ion rechargeable batteries, battery charging cradle 100-240VAC with cord set, 12VDC cord set, UV-absorbing spectacles and soft carrying case.