X-RIS Dereo RAD Digital Radiography DR Panel




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X-RIS Dereo RAD Digital Radiography DR Panel


This fixed X-ray Digital Detector Array Panel by X-RIS is for silver film replacement for use with X-ray, gamma source (Se, Ir, Co), betatron and linear accelerator (up to 1,800kV). Useful for NDT inspection of welds, pipes, plates of different alloys, composite materials, as well as plastic casting inspection of porosity, shrinkage and inclusions.

Standard kit includes: DDA panel with reinforced protective casing, workstation and monitor. Excellent signal to noise ratio (SNR>500) and contrast resolution better than 1% (EN 462-1). Intuitive Maestro NDT software interfaces developed by and with field users with real time filters, measuring tools, DICONDE, magnifier, wall thickness measurement, easy archiving and reporting and much more. Software also allows live kV and mA adjustments using the 1fps DDA. Delivered with 100-246VAC, 50-60Hz power supply, user manual and compliance certificate (ISO 17636; ASTM E2698, E2736, E2737, E2597, Safran PR5250, Airbus AITM 6-7007 and Boeing BSS-7044).

Contact us to discuss your application, requirements, available options and/or receive a quote. X-RIS is open to discuss the development of new software tools for your specific needs.



  • Dereo RAD 2532: active area of 25x32cm, 124µm pixel pitch, 16bit
  • Dereo RAD 3030: active area of 30x30cm, 145µm pixel pitch, 16bit.
  • Dereo RAD 4040: active area of 40x40cm, 200µm pixel pitch, 14 or 16bit.
  • Dereo RAD 4343: active area of 43x43cm, 139µm pixels pitch, 16bit.

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Dereo RAD 2532, Dereo RAD 3030, Dereo RAD 4040, Dereo RAD 4343