X-RIS Dereo HE/UP/HR Portable X-ray DR Panel




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X-RIS Dereo HE/UP/HR Portable X-ray DR Panel

The X-RIS Dereo HE/UP/HR are portable wireless DR systems with rechargeable battery for indoor and outdoor X-ray inspection. It can be used for any on-site X-ray inspection in a large variety of applications such as aerospace, aeronautic, shipyards, pipes, power lines, buildings, and more.

Standard kit includes: a robust DDA panel with handle and removable protective corner bumpers. Waterproof (IP67), four Li-ion batteries with 2-hours of continuous operation per battery, 100-246VAC, 50-60Hz charger, 40m cable reel with standard military magnetic connectors. Tactile laptop (regular or rugged) (or 10.1” tablet (MIL-STD810G)) with Maestro NDT software with real time filters, measuring tools, DICONDE, magnifier, wall thickness measurement, easy archiving and reporting and much more. Delivered with user manual and compliance certificate (ISO 17636; ASTM E2698, E2736, E2737, E2597, Safran PR5250, Airbus AITM 6-7007 and Boeing BSS-7044), all of this in a rugged transport case.

  • Standard UP kit includes two Li-ion batteries with 2-hours of continuous operation per battery.
  • Standard HR kit includes one GUC power box for 4-hours of continuous operation.

GemX: portable battery powered constant potential X-ray tube up to 200kV, 0.1 to 2mA, and focus spot of 200µm or 500µm x 700µm.


ModelActive AreaScintillator TypePixel SizeBITExternal Dimensions (without bumpers)Weight (battery included)Wireless
Dereo HE 172317x23cmGadox75µm16208x256x30mm2.7kgYes
Dereo HE 253225x32cmGadox124µm16322x355x19mm3.8kgYes
Dereo HE 364336x43cmGadox140µm16400x470x19mm5.9kgYes
Dereo HE 404040x40cmGadox200µm16605x586x25mm12.3kgYes
Dereo HR 150615x6cmCMOS49µm1480x230x26.5mm1.0kgYes
Dereo UP 253025x30cmGadox100µm16412x321x17mm2.8kgYes
Dereo UP 2530C25x30cmCSL100µm16412x321x17mm2.8kgYes
Dereo UP 364336x43cmGadox100µm16543x430x17mm4.0kgYes
Dereo UP 3643C36x43cmCSL100µm16543x430x17mm4.0kgYes


Contact us to discuss your application, requirements, available options and/or receive a quote. X-RIS is open to discuss the development of new software tools for your specific needs.

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Dereo HR 1723, Dereo HE 2532, Dereo HE 3643, Dereo HE 4040, Dereo HR 1506, Dereo UP 2530, Dereo UP 2530C, Dereo UP 3643, Dereo UP 3643C