CoreNDT Protective Face Transducers

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CoreNDT Protective Face Transducers

CoreNDT protected face transducers allow a wide variety of materials to be tested through the use of a wear cap, wear membrane, or delay line over the face of the transducer. These transducers can be used in direct contact with the material for flaw detection, thickness gaging, detecting and sizing delamination; and inspecting plates, billets, bars, and other metallic and nonmetallic components.

Each P-series transducers include a membrane holding ring, key and three wear membrane.

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Nominal Element Size0.5 MHz1.0 MHz 2.25 MHz 3.5 MHz
0.5" BNCP-1-500-GP-2-500-GP-3-500-G
0.75" BNCP-0.5-750-GP-1-750-GP-2-750-GP-3-750-G
1.0" BNCP-0.5-1000-GP-1-1000-GP-2-1000-GP-3-1000-G

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P-1-500-G, P-2-500-G, P-3-500-G, P-0.5-750-G, P-1-750-G, P-2-750-G, P-3-750-G, P-0/5-1000-G, P-1-1000-G, P-2-1000-G, P-3-1000-G