CoreNDT Immersion Transducers

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CoreNDT Immersion Transducers

The immersion transducers from CoreNDT are longitudinal wave transducers designed to be partially or wholly immersed in water, for uniform, fast coupling to quickly scan parts. They have an impedance matching layer which allows transmitting more sound energy into the part being inspected.

Available in frequencies of 1 to 10MHz; with flat, spherical, or cylindrical focus. High Resolution (H-series) transducers are available in slim and large diameter. Composite (C-series) transducers are available in slim diameter only.

Contact us to discuss your application, focus requirements, available options and/or receive a quote.


Nominal Element Size 1.0 MHz2.25 MHz3.5 MHz5 MHz10 MHz
0.25" Slimline UHFI-2-250-GI-3-250-GI-5-250-G
0.375" Slimline UHFI-2-375-GI-3-375-GI-5-375-G
0.50" Slimline UHFI-1-500-GI-2-500-GI-5-500-G
0.75" Large Diameter UHFIL-1-750-GIL-2-750-GIL-3-750-GIL-5-750-GIL-10-750-G
1" Large Diameter UHFIL-1-1000-GIL-2-1000-GIL-3-1000-GIL-5-1000-G

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I-2-250-G, I-3-250-G, I-5-250-G, I-2-375-G, I-3-375-G, I-5-375-G, I-1-500-G, I-2-500-G, I-5-500-G, IL-1-750-G, IL-2-750-G, IL-3-750-G, IL-5-750-G, IL-10-750-G, IL-1-1000-G, IL-2-1000-G, IL-3-1000-G, IL-5-1000-G