CoreNDT Contact Transducers

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CoreNDT Contact Transducers

CoreNDT contact longitudinal wave transducers are rugged and built to withstand direct contact with a variety of materials. They are used in many applications such as straight beam flaw detection and thickness gaging, detecting and sizing delamination, and inspecting plates, billets, bars, and other metallic and nonmetallic components.

Our line of contact transducers feature wear plates and wear rings to hold up to rigorous inspections. Available in a wide range of frequencies from 2.25 to 10MHz, sizes from 0.25″ up to 1.0″ with side BNC or top mount microdot connector.

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Nominal Element Size2.25 MHz3.5 MHz 5 MHz10 MHHz
0.25" Microdot (fingertip)FC-2-250-GFC-3-250-GFC-5-250-G
0.375" Microdot (fingertip)FC-2-375-GFC-3-375-GFC-5-375-G
0.5" Microdot (fingertip)FC-2-500-GFC-3-500-GFC-5-500-G
0.75" Microdot (fingertip)FC-2-750-G
0.5" BNCC-2-500-GC-3-500-GC-5-500-GC-10-500-G
0.75" BNCC-2-750-GC-3-750-GC-5-750-G
1.0" BNCC-2-1000-GC-3-1000-GC-5-1000-G

Additional Information

General Purpose Transducers

None, FC-2-250-G, FC-2-375-G, FC-2-500-G, FC-2-750-G, FC-3-250-G, FC-3-375-G, FC-3-500-G, FC-5-250-G, FC-5-375-G, FC-5-500-G, C-2-500-G, C-2-750-G, C-2-1000-G, C-3-500-G, C-3-750-G, C-3-1000-G, C-5-500-G, C-5-750-G, C-5-1000-G

High Resolution Transducers

None, FC-2-250-H, FC-2-375-H, FC-2-500-H, FC-2-750-H, FC-3-250-H, FC-3-375-H, FC-3-500-H, FC-5-250-H, FC-5-375-H, FC-5-500-H, FC-10-500-H, C-2-500-H, C-2-750-H, C-2-1000-H, C-3-500-H, C-3-750-H, C-3-1000-H, C-5-500-H, C-5-750-H, C-10-500-H, C-5-1000-H