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QSA Global – Cobalt 60 Sources

The Cobalt-60 sources are made of cobalt disks or pellets of uniform size in a welded stainless steel capsule. The Co-60 is designated for use within the steel thickness range of 2.0″ to 6.0″ (50mm to 150mm) per ISO 5579.

Gamma Energy 1170-1330 keV
Output at 1m per Ci (37 GBq)1.30 R/h (13 mSv/h)
Output at 1 feet per Ci (37 GBq)14.0 R/h (140 mSv/h)
Half-life5.27 years
  • RAC60-###: Standard Co-60 Source. Activity to be determined (10 to 300Ci).
  • RAC60-02: Standard Co-60 Source, 200Ci.
  • RAC60-015: Standard Co-60 Source, 150Ci.
  • RAC60-01: Standard Co-60 Source, 100Ci.
  • RAC60-006: Standard Co-60 Source, 60Ci.
  • RAC60-005: Standard Co-60 Source, 50Ci.
  • RAC60-003: Standard Co-60 Source, 30Ci.

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RAC60-###, RAC60-02, RAC60-015, RAC60-01, RAC60-006, RAC60-005, RAC60-003