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Carestream INDUSTREX Films

Carestream industrial films are highly versatile and used across a wide variety of applications. All Carestream films are certified to ASTM E1815, EN ISO 11699-1, Pratt & Whitney, BAM and RCC-M.

  • DR50 films – Ultra-fine grain, very high contrast, very slow speed.
  • M100 films – Very fine grain, very high contrast, slow speed.
  • MX125 films – Very fine grain, very high contrast, medium-slow speed.
  • T200 films – Very fine grain, high contrast, medium speed.
  • AA400 films – Fine grain, high contrast, fast speed.
  • HS800 films – Fine grain, high contrast, high-speed.

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DR50, M100, MX125, T200, AA400, HS800


2.4" x 9.4" (6cm x 24cm), 3.5" x 8.5" (8.9cm x 21.6cm), 3.5" x 10" (8.9cm x 25.4cm), 3.5" x 17" (8.9cm x 43.2cm), 4.5" x 10" (11.4cm x 25.4cm), 4.5" x 17" (11.4cm x 43.2cm), 5" x 7" (12.7cm x 17.8cm), 7" x 17" (17.8cm x 43.2cm), 8" x 10" (20.3cm x 25.4cm), 9.4" x 11.8" (24cm x 30cm), 10" x 12" (25.4cm x 30.5cm), 11" x 14" (27.9cm x 35.6cm), 11" x 15.7" (30cm x 40cm), 14" x 17" (35.6cm x 43.2cm), 6cm x 90m, 7cm x 90m, 7cm x 150m, 7cm x 305m, 9cm x 150m, 10cm x 90m, 12.7cm x 60m, 35.6cm x 60m


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