NDT Systems BondHub II Composite Imaging System

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NDT Systems BondHub II, Composite Imaging System

The BondHub II with the Bondascope 3100 is a portable automated C-Scan imaging system for composite thickness mapping, bond inspection, delamination detection, flaw detection or impact damages. Whether it be traditional aluminum laminates or carbon fiber composite, this system can see through these parts and create a complete inspection maps.

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  • BONDHUB-2: BondHub complete kit: BondHub C-Scan data acquisition system with computer, keyboard, mouse, two Li-ion batteries, 115-230VAC charger, Bondhub connection cable, user manual and rigid transport case.
  • BOND-3100: Bondascope 3100 complete kit: Bondascope 3100 instrument, battery, 120VAC charger, user manual, calibration certificate and rigid transport case.

Other models:

  • CrosScan: Portable high precision two-axis (18”L x 15”H) automated scanner, 0.02” resolution, 8” per second scan speed, (batteries or 120VAC) with suction cup feets for solid adherence to any surface and water feed couplant system.
  • SlideScan: SlideScan portable high precision two-axis manual scanner complete kit – Three sizes available.
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