CoreNDT Angle Beam Transducers and Quick Change Wedge

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CoreNDT Angle Beam Transducers and Quick Change Wedge

Angle beam transducers from CoreNDT are used in conjunction with a quick-change wedge to introduce a refracted shear wave into the material being tested. CoreNDT’s standard angle beams are built to be low noise and offer substantial power.

These are available in frequencies from 2.25 to 10 MHz and in a wide variety of sizes.

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2.25 MHz3.5 MHz5 MHz10 MHz
0.25" diameterABQC-2-250-GABQC-3-250-GABQC-5-250-GABQC-10-250-G
0.375" diameterABQC-2-375-GABQC-3-375-GABQC-5-375-GABQC-10-375-G
0.5" diameterABQC-2-500-GABQC-3-500-GABQC-5-500-GABQC-10-500-G
Nominal Element Size/Refracted Shear Wave Angle 45°60°70°
0.25" diameterQC145QC160QC170
0.375" diameterQC245QC260QC270
0.5" diameterQC345QC360QC370

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ABQC-2-250-G, ABQC-3-250-G, ABQC-5-250-G, ABQC-10-250-G, ABQC-2-375-G, ABQC-3-375-G, ABQC-5-375-G, ABQC-10-375-G, ABQC-2-500-G, ABQC-3-500-G, ABQC-5-500-G, ABQC-10-500-G


QC145, QC245, QC345, QC160, QC260, QC360, QC170, QC270, QC370