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Rockwell Hardness Testers – Ames

The portable Ames hardness testers read in fifteen Rockwell scales with the proper indenter (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K, L, M, P, R, S and V). Superficial (S) models can read Rockwell N and T scales, and are recommended for case-hardened stocks, thin stocks and soft materials.

  • Standard kit includes : Ames portable hardness tester serialized and certified. Delivered with one diamond and one 1/16″ ball indenter, one flat anvil, one “V” anvil, extension(s), 3 certified blocks (hard steel “C64”, soft steel “C33” and brass “B33”), user manual, calibration certificate and carrying case. 1 year warranty.
    • Model 1: Portable hardness tester for stock up to 25.4mm (1″), depth 25.4mm (1″).
    • Model 1-4: Portable hardness tester for stock up to 25.4mm (1″), depth 101.6mm (4″).
    • Model 4-4: Portable hardness tester for stock up to 101.6mm (4″), depth 101.6mm (4″).


  • HT1257: Ball indenter, 1/16″ (standard).
  • HT1259: Ball indenter, 1/8″.
  • HT1260: Ball indenter, 1/4″.
  • HT1262: Ball indenter, 1/2″.
  • HT1131: Diamond indenter, standard.
  • HT1178: Diamond indenter, superficial.
  • HT1125: Anvil “Flat”, 1/2″.
  • HT4125: Anvil “Flat”, 1″.
  • HT1128: Anvil “V” shaped, 1/2″.
  • HT2228: Anvil “V” shaped, 1″.
  • HT4228: Anvil “V” shaped, 1-1/4″ (standard).
  • HT2232: Extension, 1/2″.
  • HT4232: Extension, 3/4″.
  • HT4234: Extension, 1″.
  • HT4235: Extension, 2″.
  • HARD-##-##: Certified hardness standard (specify the hardness and scale required).

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1, 1-4, 4-4


None, HT1257, HT1259, HT1260, HT1262, HT1131, HT1178, HT1125, HT4125, HT1128, HT2228, HT4228, HT2232, HT4232, HT4234, HT4235, Hardness Standard