Spectro-UV AccuPRO™ Radiometer/Photometer




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Spectro-UV AccuPRO™ Radiometer/Photometer

This radiometer/photometer by Spectro-UV has a single detector with dual sensors, and can measure both UV and visible light. Meets ASTM E3022-15 standard (minimum of 5 μW/cm2 resolution). Has a hard potted cable to sensor and readout unit (Non-replaceable cable).

The compact, lightweight, battery-operated units are ideal for use in the field, the factory or anywhere accurate light measurements are needed! AccuPRO™ series meters feature an advanced, microprocessor-controlled readout unit calibrated to accurately measure and display UV-A, Blue, and Visible Light readings.

  • XP-2000: AccuPRO Dual Sensor Digital Radiometer – UV and visible light meter (Non-replaceable cable).
  • XP-4000: AccuPRO Plus 3 in 1 Sensor Digital Radiometer –

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XP-2000, XP-4000