Zyglo ZR-10E Hydrophilic Emulsifier



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Zyglo ZR-10E Hydrophilic Emulsifier

Pinkish, slightly viscous liquid. It is a 100% active concentrate, which is diluted in water when used as an emulsifier for ZYGLO Post Emulsified penetrants. The ZR-10B is very low in sulfur, chlorine, and sodium content. Emulsifier ZR-10E is designed to reduce fluorescent background from penetrants on rough surfaces, as well as reducing bleed-out of penetrant from hollow parts. It yields reliable and reproducible test results from post-emulsifier penetrants. Available in two formats :

  • MGZR10E-1: ZR-10E, 5 gallon pail.
  • MGZR10E: ZR-10E, 55 gallon drum.